1.1 That team’s field the same amount of players in all Under Age and Adult league Competition

1.2 That we field teams of 15 a side ,13 aside or 11 aside only at all underage competitions.

1.3 That a club who has entered two team in the same competition provide the full panel of players (all) listing the first fifteen that can only play on the first team prior to the start of the competition.

1.4 That a club promoted to a higher grade in Adult Championship, remains at the higher grade for two year in exceptional circumstances


2. Communication

2.1 All email communication from Club Secretary’s Official Email only

2.2 Club secretary to contact Fixture Coordinator (Phone Call / Text) concerning a change of fixture only.

– Both Clubs to contact Coordinator

PENALTY: FINE €20 for Club which does not contact coordinator.

TEXT: <Competition>, <Fixture>, <Date>, <Time>, <Venue>
               e.g. U16 Lge, Rd 1 – M.Glaveys v Castlerea, 1/5/20, 4:00pm, Castlerea

– Both Clubs to send in EMAIL

PENALTY: FINE €20 for Club which does not send in email *1
*1 this may be replaced by a new procedure at a later date

3. Postponements and Re-Fixes

3.1 Postponements will be granted only on the death of a club player and official. Families deaths will be taken under consideration. Communication to County Board. Match to be played within eight (8) days.

3.2 Clubs to agree new date and time prior to the original Fixture, must not affect County training or County Matches (Official Matches). Both clubs to inform coordinator and to send in email to (From Official club email address) to Roscommon LGFA Fixtures email address.

Note: A re-fixed match by clubs cannot be re-fixed.

3.3 Clubs must provide information in relation to major events that occur in their parish that affect original fixtures sent out at the start of the year. Minimum FOUR (4) weeks’ notice must be given to the fixtures committee. E.g. First Holy Communion, Confirmation, School Tours. Fixtures committee will endeavor to accommodate the clubs.

3.4 Fixtures Committee reserves the right to change original fixtures. Dates provided in original fixtures are provisional and are subject to change due to outside influences.

4. Entering Two Teams

4.1 Leagues

Clubs entering two Teams in the same competition must always field maximum number of players in their first team.

4.2  Where clubs have entered two or more teams in the same competition, fixtures will endeavour to facilitate the teams by having games on different days. This will not always be possible

5. General
5.1 Team lists must be provided for all fixtures.

PENALTY: Fine €40
                      Forfeit the game 

5.2 All cups and trophies shall be returned to the Committee, Board or Council in charge 4 weeks prior to the final date. 

PENALTY: Fine € 50

5.3 Clubs must supply to the organising Committee, Board or Council team lists of their starting 15 players and their substitutes where required for publication. Clubs must provide this information six (6) days before the game where the publication will be available.

PENALTY: Fine: € 50

5.4 Extra Time – Knockout Games

Age Group:                   Juvenile (Under 14, Under 16, Minor), Adult

Juvenile/Adult Lge: All knockout games that end in a Draw have Extra Time
                                           Draw after Extra Time: Replay               

Adult C’ship:                 All knockout games that end in a Draw have Extra Time
                                             Draw after Extra Time: Replay

                                                     Finals may have a replay but will depend on Connacht Club Championship.

                                                     Final Replay to be played within two Weeks (15 days) of Final.

5.5 Duration of GAMES

Juvenile                           15/13 A-Side     60 Minutes (30 Minutes a Half)
(U14,U16, Minor)            11 A-Side            50 Minutes (25 Minutes a Half)

Adult                                 15/13 A-Side     60 Minutes (30 Minutes a Half)
                                            11 A-Side            50 Minutes (25 Minutes a Half) League ONLY

5.6 The Home team shall be responsible for the provision of a pitch. The pitch must be properly
lined and nets, and flags provided. In the event the Home Team cannot provide a pitch
responsibility for the provision of a pitch moves to the opposition.

Home clubs are advised that they confirm their venue two days prior to the fixture

5.7  All competitions are 15 a-side
        – Juvenile teams can field 15, 13 or 11 aside only as per BYE LAW

– Adult League – 15 aside, minimum 11 aside – teams must match

           Under 19 League  –      Can play 15,13,11 as per under Age and Adult League
                                                   Unlimited Substitutes

– Adult Championship:

  Adult C’ship         –     15 Aside, minimum 11 to start a game

                                 –      Rules as per Official Guide                                   

5.8 The club in whose area games are being played shall be responsible for marking the Pitch, nets and flags. (Includes games at neutral Neutral Venue)

5.9 A team that fails to turn up for a fixture without notifying the Coordinator will be subject to the following penalty

PENALTY: Fine €40
Forfeit the game           

5.10 Side line must wear bibs and remain in dugout area, Designated area [20 metre line to 65 metre line] and not walk around pitch. Water carrier are female only (No Under 16s, and not part of management).  Rule [307]

PENALTY: Fine € 20

5.11 Where teams finish with equal points for qualification for the concluding stages, or for promotion or relegation, the tie shall be decided by the following means and in the order specified

Teams on equal points – position in table are decided by the following:
(a) Head to Head
(b) All Games played—they did not concede a fixture, of forfeit a fixture
(c) The outcome of the meeting of the Teams compared with teams in the Group starting from the top of the table processing them one by one
(d) Points scored

Adult Championship / League
(a) All Games played—they did not concede a fixture, of forfeit a fixture             
(b) Head to Head- if it does not decide a team losing out on a knockout round.   
(c) Scoring Difference

5.12 In all games teams must take to the field at least five minutes before the official starting time.

PENALTY: Fine: € 20

6. Adult Competition
     The Adult Competition shall consist of a Leagues and a Championship (Senior, Intermediate, Junior).

6.3 Adult Championship Regulations
6.3.1 A Field Officer, one for each team, will be appointed by the organizing committee whose responsibility shall be to Communicate, if deemed necessary, any breach of the match Regulations herewith outlined: An Exclusion Zone will operate.

6.3.2 One authorized Team Official shall wear a distinctive top which shall have the word  “BAINISTEOIR” in clear large letters. Bainisteoir , Selector and Medic/Physio must remain within a specified area which will be clearly indicated.  [Designated area 20 metre line to 65 metre line]

6.3.3 No verbal abuse towards opposing team members, mentors and Match officials will be tolerated.

6.3.4 Only 7 people maximum allowed enter the playing field plus Water girls. All Liason Passes will be allocated beforehand [Final Day Only]

6.3.5 All 7 persons and water girls must wear identifiable bibs.

6.3.6 Four Water Carriers are permitted per team and must not be under 16 years of age. They must be female. Water girls must not be members of the management team or substitutes. Water Carriers may only enter the field of play during a break in Play.

6.3.7 Club Officers must distribute a pass to each person entering the Playing field. Handing them over in bulk to the Steward at the Gate is not acceptable. [Final Day Only]

6.3.8 Under no circumstances are children permitted inside the playing Area/dugout for obvious safety reasons.

6.3.9 Clubs are responsible to ensure that match regulations are adhered to for the duration of the game. N.B. Breaches of the above regulations that are brought to the attention of the County Board will be dealt with accordingly.

6.4 Adult League
6.4.1 League games must be played irrespective of availability of Co. Panellists. The fixtures committee in consultation with the county team management will endeavour to have county panellists available for as many games as possible.

6.4.2 Substitutes: Unlimited substitutes allowed in all games

7. Juvenile Competition
7.1 In games where a club fails to field the game shall be awarded to their opponent.

[This Rule is valid for all Juvenile and Adult]
This is where a team does turn up but does not have minimum number of players to start the Match ie. 11 players.

7.2 Substitutes: Unlimited substitutes allowed in all games

7.3 Only officials directly involved with the team will be allowed onto the side line (Max 7)

7.4 Teams are discouraged from running up one-sided scores against weaker opposition. To discourage teams from running up one sided scores in Under Age games. The losing team has the option of conceding the points. They must inform the referee and opposition that they are conceding the points. The game should continue to it normal conclusion.

8. Misc
8.1 Clubs can request a final to be re-fixed 14 days prior to the final.

They must indicate in writing (EMAIL) from the official club email account outlining the reasons. All requests will be looked at but will not necessarily mean that Final will be re-fixed. The Fixtures will set the Re-fix date and not the clubs.

8.2 Teams pulling out of games without two days’ notice in writing (EMAIL) are subject to the following sanctions

PENALTY: Fine – € 40
Forfeit the game
No – Re-Fixture

8.3 If a team has no substitutes to replace an injured player, that has to come off the field of play due to injury, the opposition must remove one player so that both teams have equal numbers. Failure to do shall result in the game being forfeited. Responsibility lies with the management of the teams. They must inform their opposition and the referee.