When clubs agree to change a fixture, there are a number of Rules they need to follow:

A Few Simple Rules to Follow
(a) Agree with opposition on new Date, Time and Venue whatever changes.
(b) BOTH Clubs to inform the Coordinator (Phone Call )
(c) BOTH Clubs to send in an email to County Secretary, Fixtures Secretary, Opposition Secretary outlining the change (See email template below)

You will receive a reply by EMAIL if there is an issue with the new Date and Time.

Fixtures committee WILL NOT negotiate on your behalf. 
No Agreement between the clubs Original Fixture stands.

Subject of Email:      Refix of Fixture for <State the Competition>

Age Group  <Age Group >
League/C’ship: <League/Championship>
Match: <Team A v Team B>

Venue:  <Original Location of Match>                            
Date:  <Original Date of Match>
Time:  <Original Time of Match>

Venue: <Location>                            
Date: <Date of Match>            
Time: <Time of Match>

REASON:  <Reason>